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How Does Employee Experience Impact Customer Experience? With Christopher Shryock, Sam’s Club

This episode features an interview with Christopher Shryock, SVP & Chief People Officer at Sam’s Club and your host Sultan Saidov, Co-Founder and President at Beamery. Christopher is responsible for all aspects of Human Resources across Sam’s Club, including identifying, attracting, developing, and rewarding talent, as well as building a diverse and inclusive organization for 100,000 associates across the U.S. and Puerto Rico.

Christopher discusses the importance of creating a great employee value proposition, why the most important KPI is how satisfied your customers are, and ways to grow by advancing investments in tech and in product, with member and associate tools.

“We’re much more conscious and we’re much more cognizant of hiring people that are member obsessed. One, because that’s better for our members, but two, because those people tend to stay with us longer and they tend to perform better.” – Christopher Shryock

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Talking points

  • Creating a great employee value proposition
  • The components of building for leadership profiles
  • The most important KPI that drives business
  • Why the employee NPS score is the ultimate measure of employee happiness
  • How to manage and how to reward talent
  • Integrating DE&I into talent practices and the way you run your business
  • Ways to grow by advancing investments in tech and in product
  • The importance of putting people in positions where they can find their own purpose
  • The impact of flexibility in the work place

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About the Author

Sultan Murad Saidov is Co-Founder and President of Beamery. Sultan is a frequent speaker on AI, the Future of Work, and Talent Transformation, was listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 list, and is the host of the Talent Blueprint podcast.

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