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Customer Spotlight: Jerry Glover, Wells Fargo

Jerry is a Senior Quantitative Analytics Recruiter at Wells Fargo, who has been using Beamery’s Talent Lifecycle Management platform for the past year. This month, Jerry is the focus of our Customer Spotlight, in recognition of how he has been using the platform to unlock human potential at his organization.

Beamery: What is your favorite Beamery feature & why?

Jerry: My favorite functionality has to be the Boolean Search, coupled with Beamery’s bulk action capabilities!

First, searching and sourcing is my overall favorite part of this career (other than the “offer-accept”). The fact that you can search and filter your own database of previous applicants really amplifies the candidate experience, by helping us to be proactive and reach out to them about new opportunities – it’s truly incredible.

Let me give you an example. With a recent search in our Quantitative Group at Wells Fargo, I found previous applicants by the skills they had listed, and activities on their profile. From here, I was able to use the bulk-action feature in Beamery to instantly message 9 candidates using a saved messaging template; even taking it a step further and adding these candidates into a Campaign for another sourcing project aligned to a Recipe – all in less than 10 minutes!

This was possible thanks to the in-depth filters available to search in Beamery. I would not have been able to do this in our ATS alone in less than a few hours previously.

Describe the main challenges you were facing before Beamery. 

Prior to having Beamery as our talent management solution, I had the maniacal task of keeping two swim lanes of data in parallel universes (ATS and LinkedIn), which is not a best practice – and especially poor for the candidate.

Today, I can use Beamery to see and verify if the candidate is in our ATS, while on LinkedIn. I can also view jobs the candidate has applied to at the company as well as their job history to reach out to candidates who are qualified who might be interested in a position.

Describe the problems you are now able to solve with Beamery as your Talent CRM.

There are many, but the time-saving aspects of finding candidates in other sourcing tools and easily being able to move them into our ATS is magnificent. Also, Wells Fargo is a huge proponent of hiring veterans. Beamery has been great in this outreach. Read more about the 2023 Beamie Awards here.

"Jerry, like so many of our Wells Fargo “Beam Team,” has really grabbed Beamery by the horns. Through The Customer Spotlight, we can see the utilization of functions within Beamery, such as Bulk Message, Boolean Search, The Workday to Beamery Integration, and Skills Utilization that have streamlined the hiring process and overall candidate experience for Wells Fargo. These streamlined processes have culminated into Wells Fargo being recently awarded The Beamie Award as “The Innovator” and I am proud to be in a position to support such as great organization while complementing Their Talent Transformation Strategies.” – Scott Eiseman, Principle Customer Success Manager, Beamery

Describe a time when you were able to leverage Beamery to support a Talent or HR initiative.

We all agreed that Beamery would be great to utilize as our kick-off tool for our 2024 Quantitative recruitment actions. We have been able to demo and build excitement around the new Beamery Extension to our users, which was very well received.

Now our users are creating standard operating procedures to find highly qualified quants and again moving toward that holy grail of a great candidate experience. Beamery’s automation has been one key area where many users have been inspired. We are currently building out the campaign and recipes so that once complete, we can be “recruiting while we sleep”.

“Most job seekers do not like looking for a job. If we can continue to make the candidate experience a little better every day, we can truly improve Wells Fargo exponentially!” 

Share a fun fact about yourself. 

My first job in recruiting out of college was with an agency. While I have been on the corporate side the last 20 years, I still go back to what I learned there and continue to apply the training.

The #1 action is still to have a meaningful conversation with candidates over the phone. Having a tool like Beamery allows me to very quickly build a list of potential candidates, see their skills, and make more informed calls to a better qualified pool of candidates. 

About the Beamery Customer Spotlight

This program exists to highlight Beamery customers who have mastered the art of “unlocking human potential” through consistent (and smart) use and adoption of the Beamery platform. They use Beamery to take their company to the next level while elevating the talent experience for all candidates. Beyond being a fabulous talent-driven individual, these individuals also represent one or many of the Beamery values: start with why, own the change you seek, act with kindness, communicate openly, make a positive impact.