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How Professional and Tech Services Can Attract the Right Talent

Today’s professional services firms face complex client issues that demand agile teams. The key to delivering support is a real-time, business-wide view of talent resource availability.

Growing competition from specialists and niche providers of technical services is creeping up in advisory services as every business transformation project is now tech-enabled. As a result, professional services and technical services firms are increasingly contending for the same talent. 

The highly competitive talent market has led to a strong desire to land and develop talent from early careers into lifelong employees. That requires an agile approach to talent deployment, as new hires need to spend as much time as possible in the market. Fast hiring and streamlined involvement in recruitment processes are key. 

Employer brand is imperative to attract the right talent as all companies in the industry vie for the same capabilities. Because of high competition, services firms face a constant risk of top talent being poached and, thus, a constant need to hire and retain the best. 

Skills shortages affect the ability of the business to deliver. As the information gap between clients and service providers decreases, services firms must seek new types of talent in order to retain an advantage over their client base, systems and processes for information access and sharing.

That means firms need to continuously reskill and upskill their existing employees. Real-time visibility into workforce skills and availability is critical to ensure accuracy and speed in the hiring process. 

Meeting changing demand

Pure technologists and client-facing advisors who can effectively leverage technology to deliver results are in demand. Companies that are able to hire, train and deploy the right capabilities in the most efficient way will be the most resilient. They’ll be best positioned to evolve client demands, deliver consistently and grow revenue. 

The Beamery Talent Data Platform enables services firms to proactively confront talent challenges today and into the future. It provides a globally consistent and user-friendly single source of truth for talent — internal and external, permanent and freelance. 
The majority (80%-90%) of the cost base of professional services firms is workforce, according to Yet, Service Performance Insight research found only 5% of professional services organizations are working in an optimized, collaborative model.

Embracing optimization can result in:

  • Achieved return on investment
  • Better use of existing systems and channels
  • Data-driven investment decisions

Beamery can help you realize all of those benefits. Its centralized database makes it easy to identify, engage and retain talent. You’ll get a real-time view into the availability of skills and can quickly create pools across all talent sources — internal and external — to find and prioritize candidates who possess the skills your organization needs. 

This makes it possible to optimize resource allocation and to quickly convert candidates to new hires. 
By collecting pertinent talent data and keeping it free from duplication and misinformation, the talent data platform enables you to create career paths and retention programs.

A data-driven approach

Data is already being used to assist firms in attracting and retaining clients. It only makes sense that extending data to talent acquisition processes could reap additional rewards. Taking a data-first strategy enables professional and technical services firms to act proactively, stay agile and adapt. At a point when organizations don’t have time or resources to waste, Beamery can help you:

  • Increase agility
  • Tackle skills gaps across your firm
  • Create an internal talent marketplace
  • Drive digital transformation initiatives
  • Overcome challenges from competitors

Learn more about how Beamery can help professional and technical services firms attract, engage and retain top talent.