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Organizational Efficiency: Unlocking Productivity In Your Workforce

Introducing more agility, and the right technology, to your talent management processes could be the key to surviving and thriving in an economic downturn.

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2022 has brought economic uncertainty, geopolitical tensions, and continuing global medical crises. 83% of CHROs say their companies are considering reducing, or have already reduced, overall headcount. Meanwhile, employee engagement and retention remains a management headache. How can businesses close their (growing) skills gaps, while conserving much-needed resource?

For large enterprises in particular, workforce issues are going to be the number one challenge in 2023, regardless of what economic situation transpires. Finding ways to do more with less will be key. But there are plenty of ways to unlock productivity in your existing workforce, and to make Talent Acquisition teams more efficient.

Download the report to discover:

  • The importance of a skills-first approach, and why you need a smart new talent data strategy, to get more from your people.
  • The best ways to apply technology, for smarter, more efficient hiring.
  • How and why to launch a proper Talent Mobility program, and how a Talent Marketplace can boost productivity (and engagement). 

An organization’s ability to change direction quickly is becoming a key factor in whether it will thrive or die. Applying agility when it comes to the workforce is only possible with a new approach to talent: data-driven Talent Lifecycle Management.