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The Big Reset - Rebounding from Covid feat. Accenture, Capgemini, Highmark Health, VMware, and WorkTech

Hear how leaders in a variety of industries changed their approaches to hiring and operations to come out ahead of the pandemic.


Tara Brewer - Director of Talent Acquisition Experience, VMware 

Tara Brewer is the Director of Talent Acquisition Experience at VMware, where she oversees a cross-functional team of people and program managers focused on candidate attraction and experience. She’s spent the majority of her career in various Talent Acquisition roles within the VMware organization and her own career journey has translated to her passion about employees finding their own opportunities to grow within the company. She’s based out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada and has worked remotely her entire tenure, and a true believer in the future of work being led by a distributed work force and empowering employee choice.

Neil Denton - Director of Recruitment at Capgemini

Neil Denton is a solution focused Senior Talent Acquisition Specialist with expertise developing and transforming resourcing functions to deliver exceptional outcomes. He is an industry subject matter expert and RL 100 member with a track record of developing innovative strategies to overcome technical skills shortages, and bringing pace and agility to under-performing operations.

A Business Strategy, Operations and Global Human Resources Executive and Management Consultant with international experience including 3 expat assignments.

Russell Klosk - Managing Director at Accenture 

Russell is a certified and globally recognized expert in building Globally Integrated Enterprises (GIE) and Global Strategic Human Capital Management Strategy and Process’, with a particular expertise in Global Talent Management, Strategic Workforce Planning , HR Analytics, Resource Management, Business Process Reengineering and Business Strategy. A certified HR Executive, Russell is a coauthor of two current ISO HR Standards.

George LaRocque - Founder and Market Analyst at WorkTech 

George LaRocque, Founder and Principal Analyst of WorkTech ( has more than 25 years in the HR technology industry. He’s an HR leader and tech executive turned market analyst and advisor focused on users and developers of HR and talent technology. He leads the WorkTech (formerly HRWins) research and reports on workforce trends and HR tech VC investment. He is also a Founding Partner of the Impact WorkTech Accelerator, launching the next generation of innovative global work technology.

Stephanie Schacht - Director Enterprise Talent Strategy at Highmark Health 

Stephanie is the Director Enterprise Talent Strategy at Highmark Health. She has worked in HR and TA in the science and health fields for nearly 15 years.