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Beamery’s TalentGPT Named A Top HR Product Of The Year By Human Resource Executive

Beamery, the global leader in Talent Lifecycle Management, today announced that its TalentGPT solution has been named one of Human Resource Executive’s Top HR Products of the year. 

Launched in March, TalentGPT from Beamery is the first generative AI for HR. With TalentGPT, all stakeholders involved in talent decisions and experiences can now benefit from a personalized assistant that uses a proprietary understanding of each company’s jobs and skill requirements to provide suggestions in the flow of work. 

With TalentGPT, managers can now get nudges and insights to help them develop their teams and meet their goals – including assistance on what team members may benefit from development conversations, or around what roles they may need to hire for or discuss with their recruiting team – all embedded into all the tools they use day to day, including Slack and Teams. 

Recruiters can now get suggestions in order to save and prioritize their time, including on how to create more relevant, inclusive and skills-centric job descriptions and communications, as well as on which candidates, jobs or tasks to prioritize, to ensure that they are able to meet their hiring goals while providing an optimal talent experience. 

Candidates can now get a fully personalized experience that sits on top of career sites and helps them find relevant roles, while benefiting from bias-minimizing experiences – such as through personalized summaries about why each role and team may be relevant to their skills and interests.  

Employees can now benefit from career and development guidance that helps them discover roles, gigs, mentors and learning materials through a nudge-assisted and conversational interface. 

Human Resource Executive’s annual award program highlights new solutions that are helping HR leaders meet the needs of their organizations in an ever-evolving work landscape. Submissions were judged on the solutions’ innovation in the HR tech space, with particular attention to how the tools are breaking new ground and delivering real results.

TalentGPT can help businesses make agile decisions on job design, upskilling, and workforce planning, and generates personalized content to attract great candidates, retain top performers, and also boost engagement and diversity. Built on Beamery’s proprietary audited and explainable AI models, TalentGPT provides unbiased and contextual recommendations – and, used with objective skills data, allows businesses to better match people to relevant opportunities, widening the talent pool.

“We are fortunate that new developments in AI technologies mean we can provide our customers and their people with a solution that helps them make more inclusive and skills-centric talent decisions, and provide better experiences to their people and managers, at such a critical time,” said Sultan Saidov, Co-founder and President of Beamery.

“With the global talent shortage at an all-time high, during a technology acceleration that is driving people to reskill, and an economic environment that’s putting more pressure on talent teams and managers, new technologies that can provide better assistance on talent decisions for both employers and people are essential.” 

Saidov continued: “We want to ensure that Beamery’s next generation AI-powered experiences are a leading example for ethical, inclusive and skills-enabling solutions for the HR industry, and we are delighted to see these efforts recognized. Used wisely, AI can improve the entire talent experience for businesses, and for the next generation of our global workforce.” 

“Beamery has embraced generative AI and the latest technology breakthroughs like ChatGPT in a thoughtful and significant way,” said Steve Boese, Conference Chair of the HR Technology Conference.

“Built on top of more than 17 billion data points about companies, candidates, skills, and jobs; we felt that the combination of company, market, candidate, and employee insights along with creative and powerful generative AI set TalentGPT among the best-developed AI technologies of 2023.”

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About the Author

Sultan Murad Saidov is Co-Founder and President of Beamery. Sultan is a frequent speaker on AI, the Future of Work, and Talent Transformation, was listed in the Forbes 30 under 30 list, and is the host of the Talent Blueprint podcast.

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