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The Big Skills Shift: Top Priorities For HR In 2024

2023 brought us skills gaps, changing talent demands, and continued economic uncertainty, with only 40% of business leaders satisfied with their current talent strategy in relation to market conditions.

As we enter 2024, these challenges from last year have not gone away, but as HR leaders continue on their journey to overcome them with a skills-first approach.

We sit down with our guest speaker, Betsy Summers, Principal Analyst at Forrester, to discuss what 2024 looks like for HR. From macroeconomic trends and predicted skills gaps, to the impact on employee experience, we share the top predictions to take into account when building your 2024 talent strategy.

We also dive deeper into ways organizations can take their skills-first talent strategies to the next level this year through skills-based hiring: the benefits, the potential challenges, and the importance of cross-functional collaboration to improve the employee experience at each stage of the talent lifecycle.

Watch today to learn:

  • The top priorities for HR in 2024
  • Why a skills-based approach to hiring can help you overcome your talent shortages
  • Ways to improve collaboration between Talent Attraction and Talent Management to ensure synergies in hiring and internal mobility
  • The role of technology in skills-based hiring and how it can help you overcome the potential challenges of 2024

About the Author

Andrew has worked for non-profits, universities, and world-class tech companies such as Apple, Box, and Splunk. He is currently VP Product Marketing at Beamery, where he drives the GTM strategy for the Talent Lifecycle Management platform.

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