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The Evolving Role of Managers: From Taskmasters to Workforce Strategists

The role of managers is undergoing a significant transformation as companies embrace newer working models, such as remote work, hybrid work, and gig work. Additionally, the rise of the skills economy is reshaping the way managers approach talent management, internal mobility, and workforce planning.

Managers must acquire new skills and perspectives in order to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities presented by these changes. In this evolving landscape, HR teams play a crucial role in turning managers into champions for skills-based approaches, which is essential for driving cultural change within organisations.

Watch this webinar on demand to:

  • Learn how to transform your HR teams and turn managers into champions for skills-based approaches to talent management, internal mobility and workforce planning
  • See how to identify and bridge skills gaps effectively
  • Understand why it is critical to get senior leadership buy-in to drive cultural change within organisations
  • Explore how to enhance communication and collaboration among managers and ensure managers are actively involved in coaching, mentoring, and providing constructive feedback to their teams

You can also learn more in our recent report, The Era Of Connectors: Transforming Middle Management In A Skills-First World.