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The Era Of Connectors: Transforming Middle Management In A Skills-First World

Our latest research prompts a rethink around the value middle managers can bring. Discover where to invest to create empowered, connected people leaders who can address your pressing talent challenges

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How are managers feeling about the rising challenges of finding and retaining the talent they need? How do their roles need to evolve, in a more unpredictable and dynamic talent landscape? What do organizations need to do, to empower managers to become real “connectors”, and play a key role in skills-based transformation?

In October 2023, Beamery spoke to members of the C-suite, as well as people managers, in large businesses in the UK and US, in order to understand their view of workplace challenges, thoughts on addressing them, and the role of “middle management” in the equation.

Our research uncovers:

  • How the C-level and Managers view the role and remit of Managers – and where there is confusion
  • A growing appetite (and need) for a skills-based approach to talent – and the barriers to success
  • Why AI adoption is so necessary but so challenging

Download the report to explore the new role of management, and why organizations require a different approach to data management, seamless technology, and incentives and accountability… to help managers develop, engage and retain your top performing employees.