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How EisnerAmper Uses Beamery + Workday To Exceed Hiring Goals

With Beamery’s intelligent CRM and Career Site functionality, EisnerAmper could equip their TA team to meet hiring expectations and exceed the goals of their growing organization.

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About EisnerAmper

EisnerAmper is one of the largest business consulting firms in the world. They work with companies of all sizes to provide comprehensive  audit, accounting, advisory, consulting, and tax services – as well as smart, analytical insight delivered in an approachable style. EisnerAmper combines responsiveness with a long-range perspective; to help clients meet the pressing issues they face today, and position them for success tomorrow. Together with Beamery, EisnerAmper is continuing to make talent a priority.


Why Beamery

EisnerAmper partnered with Beamery in March of 2022 and has quickly built a talent program centered around community development. A core focus for the EisnerAmper team was to invest in the right technology to help them build robust talent communities and also give their talent teams the ability to re-engage past talent.

Like many organizations, they had already invested in an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to help lay the foundation for their hiring workflows, but they lacked a Talent Lifecycle Management suite that could give their Talent Acquisition team the insight they needed to be effective across the entire candidate lifecycle.

Their Talent Acquisition team uses Workday globally and hoped to find a robust talent CRM that fully integrated with Workday – supporting the Recruiting team from the very beginning of the talent cycle, to the very end. That’s where Beamery comes in.

“Beamery was the clear choice for EisnerAmper due to its close connection with Workday (our system workhorse), Beamery’s strong capabilities, and the team that was involved from start to finish… nothing but the best.” – Joseph R Mazzo, HRIT Director


Implementing software technology can be a cumbersome process. It requires impeccable planning, investment, cross-functional commitment, and a change management plan. The EisnerAmper team knew they needed to devise a fail-proof implementation plan that was different from other implementations, and one that was built to set their team up for long-term success.

With Beamery, they would be adding ancillary technology into their existing tech stack and wanted to make sure they considered their employees as a critical ingredient for success.

The EisnerAmper TA team knew they needed a solution to track passive candidates, resurface past candidates, send targeted campaigns, and provide an events platform for their campus hiring initiatives. Additionally, they wanted to redesign their career site to avoid talent drop off. These are all capabilities Beamery is built to support.

By choosing to implement Beamery in critical stages that aligned to their organizational goals, EisnerAmper created a base configuration that set them up to build and grow. With Beamery’s intelligent CRM and Career Site functionality, EisnerAmper could equip their TA team to meet hiring expectations and exceed the goals of their growing organization. They could:

  • Prioritize hard-to-fill positions
  • Remain compliant
  • Activate proactive sourcing
  • Build rich talent pools
  • Leverage SMS and connected marketing channels
  • Enable bulk communication

“It is rare when one is part of a project that is able to organize themselves, both on the vendor and customer side, in a manner that automatically sets up a successful outcome.” – Joseph R Mazzo, HRIT Director


EisnerAmper was focused on creating an enhanced candidate experience while building on the foundational goals they established during implementation. Their approach to the implementation was frictionless and undertaken in a way that allows their TA team to grow into Beamery. In addition to their stellar utilization and adoption rates, their TA team worked efficiently on employee enablement, training, and integration awareness.


  • Built a Talent Community designed to segment talent that visits their newly created Career Site.
  • Created Events to support their virtual and in-person Campus events.
  • Focused on Talent Pools, compliance, SMS, connected calendars and Bulk Messaging to enable Recruiters to quickly access talent-gaining efficiencies across all stages and engagements.
  • Overhauled their Career Site and implemented a Live Chat to personalize the candidate experience.


  • Consistently ahead of schedule throughout implementation
  • Functional User Acceptance Testing (UAT) began a week ahead of schedule
  • Technical UAT was completed in under two weeks
  • Over 5,000 contacts have been added in just two months
  • Nearly 160 Talent Pools have already been created
  • 82,000+ Vacancies created

Advice to Talent CRM Seekers or Switchers

What advice would this customer give to other Talent or HR professionals looking to switch CRMs or even those just starting their search?

  • Do not take for granted the importance of how your CRM and ATS connect/communicate with one another… just because they have “APIs”, does not mean the integrations are going to be stable or productive.
  • It is important to remember a CRM and an ATS are very different, both from a process and strategy standpoint. The latter cultivates and drives talent traffic, while the former transforms and nourishes potential incoming resources.
  • When preparing your selection process for a new CRM, come to the table already prepared with your overall goals, a top-line timeline, and resources so you are ready to hit the ground running the moment you have signed that new contract and kicked off the project.