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How AstraZeneca Has Transformed Candidate Experience

astra zeneca case study

Watch the video to learn how the AstraZeneca Talent Acquisition team uses Beamery to deliver success for the candidate, the hiring manager, and ultimately the patient.

AstraZeneca chose Beamery, to help them attract the right talent and better manage candidate relationships. They felt the functionality gave them the right tools to make the hiring process better for potential employees and for recruiters.

“We selected Beamery as an innovative and future-focused partner. As the only certified CRM partner for Workday, Beamery has demonstrated they have a highly credible product today, as well as a roadmap for the future.” – Maggie Spong, VP Talent Acquisition, AstraZeneca”

The team at AstraZeneca talks about how Beamery helps them enhance their employer brand, and build a great candidate journey across all touchpoints. They also appreciate being able to offer alternative roles to unsuccessful candidates, improving productivity as well as candidate experience. “Imagine as a candidate you apply for one role, and your recruiter comes back to you: What about role B or role C?” (Pieter Mees, Team Leader & Talent Acquisition Partner, AstraZeneca) 

As a complex organization, AstraZeneca needed a way to connect their talent functions: they say they can now operate as one talent a team across the globe. As Maggie Spong notes: “They can focus on that personal relationship with the candidate... It’s going to give them that extra piece that will differentiate us from our competitors.”

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