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How VMware Created Meaningful Change To Reach DE&I Targets

VMware aspires to be a workplace that promotes a sense of belonging and helps their employees thrive — building the best version of their career while collectively achieving VMware’s business objectives.

Getting this right requires engaging a workforce that is more representative of VMware’s customers, partners, and the community. That foundation bridges gaps, empowers their people, and enables them to do their best, while at the same time strengthening their competitive edge, driving innovation, and improving society as a whole.

In this panel discussion, we sought practical advice from Tatjana Momcilovic, Director Talent Acquisition EMEA; and Maria Skeva, TA Manager Sales EMEA.

They shared how they have:

  • Developed an innovative approach to hiring top talent with “GO Hiring”; including how they unlocked new talent pools by bringing mums back into the workforce, and hiring from universities that other tech recruiters aren’t looking at
  • Become change agents, powered by Power of Difference (“PODs”) communities
  • Embedded their DE&I goals across the business with transparency and accountability

Watch the webinar above, and find out more about how Beamery powers DE&I initiatives here.