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Beamery Reinvents Skills-based Hiring For Better And More Dynamic Workforce Planning

London, 22nd February 2023: Beamery, provider of the leading Talent Lifecycle Management platform, today announced innovations across its product suite that will let organizations better understand the skills they have and those they are missing in order to build a future-fit workforce.

Powerful new insights for managers around the skills each of their team members has (or is lacking), paired with the ability to see the latest skills that shape a role, allows organizations to develop a more agile talent strategy, and close current and future skills gaps.

With skills themselves changing at an increasingly rapid pace, traditional job architectures and hiring processes struggle to keep up with the roles that are needed today, or what might be needed tomorrow. According to Gartner, “the total number of skills required for a single job is increasing at 5.4% annually; 33% of the skills present in an average job posting in 2019 will not be needed by 2024.”

Organizations can now leverage Beamery’s industry-leading explainable AI to calibrate vacancies and to understand the skills sets that shape a role and keep job architectures up to date, ensuring they always reflect the skills that are most important for every role.

“Beamery’s AI is very powerful and can help find profiles we wouldn’t have normally found through generic sourcing. It also helps meet DE&I targets, especially with candidates that are very hard to find normally,” said Laurabel Jung, Talent Relationship Manager at Zalando.

Information on workforce capabilities can now be brought together from multiple sources to give organizations a single source of skills intelligence. Companies can create new – or enhance existing – taxonomies, and rationalize skills data from multiple systems to manage job and career architectures more effectively. This gives leaders and managers valuable insights into the talent they have, and any skill deficits that may exist.

This lets recruiters and hiring managers collaborate like never before, with a shared language and greater clarity over what each team needs. The smart, ethical AI provides recommendations around people that are a strong fit for jobs. This means talent teams can expand the hunt, and consider talent that may have been overlooked, to fill vacancies faster, find hidden superstars, and deliver on diversity.

With Beamery’s latest innovations, managers can also improve check-ins, using insights into team members’ skills, interests and career aspirations, ultimately improving engagement in development conversations. Further enhancements in mentoring experiences allow aspiring leaders to demonstrate proficiency in soft skills whilst sharing their career journey and shining a light on the skills needed for success. It is now easier for co-workers to use Beamery to connect with people that help them ramp up in a new role, build relationships , and fulfill their career aspirations.

Beamery’s latest release also includes:

  • Candidate Data Quality and CRM Integration Enhancements: Improvements to our enrichment engine and integrations keep talent data consistent and up-to-date across systems: creating a smoother workflow for recruiters.
  • Supply and Demand Reporting: Companies can take planning to the next level, with insights into the skills they have and what they will need; helping organizations backfill roles faster, better focus acquisition efforts on deficits, and more easily plan for successions and internal moves.

“Organizations increasingly realize they need real-time skills data from across their talent lifecycle in order to engage in the kind of dynamic, agile workforce planning that is critical to remain competitive and drive their growth strategies,” said Sultan Saidov, Co-Founder and President of Beamery. “Our latest innovations make it even easier for customers to realize the potential of a skills-based talent strategy and create a more agile, more resilient workforce in these times of global economic uncertainty.”

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