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How Jabil Improved Talent Attraction, Engagement And Retention

Jabil case study

Watch the video to hear how manufacturing solutions provider Jabil selected Beamery as a partner, based on technical capability, as well as aligned ethos and culture.

HR at Jabil is all about creating opportunities for success: for shareholders, employees, and the communities in which they live and work. With Beamery, Jabil has been able to modernize its talent function and improve the hiring experience for candidates and recruiters.

“We were basically doing our recruitment and staffing as if we were back in the 1970s or 80s. So this is a big step forward for us in our journey to be competitive in the marketplace.” – Bruce Johnson, CHRO, Jabil

The team at Jabil was pleased to discover that Beamery was a Workday partner, so no custom integrations were needed. Crucially, the two systems would complement each other and data would always be aligned. 

Jabil also appreciated the stringent approach to data protection and compliance, and felt Beamery offered a robust solution that would instil confidence in candidates. As regional TA Manager Aleksandra Stadler notes, “Beamery and its functionality, usability and adaptability really touches on Jabil’s values, which are integrity, ingenuity, and inspiration.” 

The TA team appreciates the ability to perform segmentation, analysis and filtering on candidate data, as well as engage with potential employees directly from the platform. They say Beamery not only saves them time on sourcing, but also allows Jabil to build better relationships with candidates and improve the employer brand perception.

Bruce Johnson comments: “We wanted someone that we thought understood us, understood our ethos and our culture, and could work hand in hand with us. In the case of Beamery, we felt comfortable with joining hands and working together on this project.”