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Customer Spotlight: Angel Washington, BlackRock

Angel is an Associate on the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Talent Acquisition team at BlackRock, where she has been using the Beamery platform for nearly 6 months. In recognition of how she has been using the platform to unlock human potential at her organization, Angel is the focus of our Customer Spotlight this month.

Beamery: What is your favorite Beamery feature, and why? 

Angel: My favorite feature in Beamery is the Events module! Before the implementation of Beamery, we lacked the functionality to host events and track the results.

My role requires me to host and attend various events like career fairs, panel discussions, and targeted recruiting events. Beamery has made it easier for me to stay connected with people we meet at these events through personalized content once the event is over.

B: Describe the main challenges you were facing before having access to Beamery.

A: The biggest challenge I was facing prior to Beamery was effective candidate engagement after an event. Without a talent system to track prospects or to easily pool prospects, it was challenging to keep track of everyone you met, their interest, and any future communications we wanted to send to them.

B: What success metrics are important to you?

A: I am most interested in seeing how many people register for an event, attend the event, apply to roles, and ultimately receive an offer! 

B: How have you used Beamery to support a critical talent initiative?

A: BlackRock partnered with an external partner to host a launch event for one of our hiring programs. I was able to use Beamery to create a landing page to share information about the program and direct people to our Careers site to apply.

For anyone who wasn’t eligible for the open opportunities, I was also able to create a flow and get those people into a pool so we don’t lose sight of their interest in joining the team, and this also gives us the ability to continue engaging with them.

Moving forward, I am looking forward to owning the end-to-end event talent experience so I can measure key metrics and prove the success of the event.

“I love that we now have a Talent Community and can direct talent interested in joining BlackRock to sign up so we have a way to engage with them.” – Angel Washington

B: Describe the problems you are now able to solve with Beamery.

A: In addition to now being able to host events, I can now keep track of candidates through pools and profile tags. This makes it easier for Recruiters to engage talent I meet through the various events we host and attend. 

B: Tell us a fun fact about yourself... 

A: I used to work for the UNC-Chapel Hill Football team when I was in college.