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How Can AI Keep The “Human” In Human Resources?

AI is a hot topic in HR – and our Talent Blueprint guests have had plenty to say about it. Listen to this episode for some interesting insights about the role of AI in HR (and HR in AI) from the talent leaders who have joined us this season…

You will hear from...

  • Art Lokerson, HR Product Management Director for Talent Acquisition at Wells Fargo
  • Stefan Begall, Group Head of Talent at Telia Company
  • David Brammer, former Global Head of Talent Acquisition at Ocado
  • Adam Artar, Director of Global Talent Acquisition, Edwards Lifesciences
  • Darren Peiris, VP & Group Head of Recruitment at National Grid
  • Ash Walvoord, Head of Talent Management at Verizon
  • Sarah Keisling, Associate Vice President, Talent Management and HR Operations at Banner Health
  • Jami Sinick, Vice President Talent Acquisition at Banner Health
  • Nazim Unlu, Global People and Organization Director at Novartis
  • Guillermo Miranda, HR & Tech expert 

Discover what these industry leaders think about the benefits and challenges of using AI in recruitment, talent management and workforce planning, and how we ensure that we don’t lose the human touch when we bring automation to HR processes. 

The Talent Blueprint podcast is for business and HR leaders who want to build talent-first, skills-based organizations. In each episode, Beamery co-founder Sultan Saidov chats with industry experts who share their insights and experience around using talent to create a competitive business advantage.

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