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The Talent Revolution in Technology: Navigating the Changing Landscape

Read our playbook on attracting, engaging and retaining the top tech talent you need today (and tomorrow), and the importance of a skills-first approach in building agile, resilient tech companies.

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Skills gaps in technology continue to grow, and talent continues to challenge assumptions around how and where work should be done. Only businesses with agile approaches to talent management will truly thrive. 

68% of business leaders in Technology say that how they tackle talent challenges will impact how well they perform as a business during uncertain economic times.

HR teams are being called upon to become more strategic, and find ways to accommodate multiple generations in the workforce, new preferences in working styles, and a new-found demand for work to fit around people’s lives – rather than the other way around.

Read our report on the changing talent landscape in the technology sector to explore: 

  • The results of our research with business leaders in the technology sector
  • How HR teams can overcome the most pressing talent challenges, by adopting a more agile, more holistic approach
  • How to attract, retain and engage top talent – and the workforce of the future
  • Why putting “skills” at the heart of talent management, and adopting new HR technology, helps you address the issue of skills shortages efficiently
  • How to build personalized, people-centric experiences throughout the talent lifecycle