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Watch: Leveraging Skills Data Through The Talent Lifecycle To Drive Resilience

The future of work is already here. The moment we are in is prime for pushing the skills-based agenda to prepare for tomorrow’s challenges. Everything is seemingly driving the shift towards skills-based talent management. The economic backdrop, the legacy of COVID, and the shift in employee priorities are now in constant review, reconfiguring organizational agendas at pace. These global factors are driving this skills opportunity, which is set to become the dominant method of talent attraction and retention.

There is clear evidence to support the fact that companies that hire for skills, benefit from a wide range of performance improvements. Happy employees equals increased employee engagement and retention. And when you couple that with an insightful AI-powered platform that provides personalized experiences at every stage of the talent lifecycle, you are well positioned to embrace agility in the most literal and quantifiable way.

Watch this webinar, hosted by Unleash, if you are interested in:

  • Creating and nurturing an internal Talent Marketplace that aids talent attraction and drives retention
  • Using AI to better understand your skills data and develop personalized career roadmaps to empower employees and increase workforce agility
  • Augmenting your workforce planning and Talent Acquisition strategies

Golden nuggets:

  • Learn how AI can power your skills-based talent strategy
  • Gain a competitive advantage and understand how to navigate the labor market by harmonizing skills data