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Skill Builders: How HR Can Equip Managers to Drive Growth and Development

Do you want to empower your team to build their personal career journey? Watch this webinar from Beamery & Pilot Coaching on demand, where we explore the secrets to helping employees and managers to identify multiple dynamic career pathways built on the foundation of skills and compelling developmental objectives.

Discover how managers can empower their teams to identify their skills, define meaningful developmental goals, seize growth opportunities, and engage in projects that drive professional development.

Learn how HR Business Partners and leaders need to help transform the way your business considers:

  • Career Lattice: Navigate the shifting landscape of career paths and empower employees to explore diverse growth opportunities.
  • Skill Identification: Uncover employees’ unique skill sets and understand how these skills form the building blocks for their future success.
  • Growth Opportunities: Discover adjacent skills that open doors to new opportunities and enable career advancement.
  • Project-Based Skill Development: Harness the power of projects and gigs to develop and showcase employees’ skills in real-world settings.
  • Engagement and Retention: See how investing in employee development fuels engagement and unlocks a fulfilling career journey.