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Webinar: Bridging Tomorrow's Gap: HR Strategies For The Growing Skills Gap

Rapidly evolving technologies, along with a tight labor market, are creating hard-to-fill skills gaps for most companies – which is creating a huge business risk.

60% of leaders say that skills gaps are the biggest barrier to business transformation today. – World Economic Forum

At the same time, these technological advancements mean it’s now possible to spot and close skills gaps before they even emerge.

So how do HR and Technology work together to implement the right solutions to meet ambitious hiring (and retention) targets?

Watch this webinar with Andrew Keating, VP Product Marketing at Beamery, and Fiona Mark, Principal Analyst at Forrester, to discuss the impact of emerging technology on the workforce and the key strategies needed to overcome the challenges surrounding current and future skills shortages. They also discuss the need for synergy and collaboration between HR and the IT function to spot and plug skill gaps quickly and effectively.

Watch today to:

  • Hear more about the impact of emerging technologies on the growing skill gaps across all industries.
  • Discover the key frameworks that will help address emerging skill needs.
  • Learn how HR and IT can collaborate to build a skills-based approach to talent planning that guarantees success.