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Creating A Positive Impact With AI In HR (Spark Live 2023)

ChatGPT is only the latest example of the transformative impact of AI for businesses. Whether it’s increasing productivity, improving personalization, or just uncovering new insights, it’s clear that HR can have a huge positive impact from adopting AI. 

Hear from host Sultan Saidov and the excellent panelists (Keith Sonderling, Commissioner at the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission; Adam Glassman, employment brand and recruitment marketing team lead at Cox Enterprises, and Yoav Schlesinger, an architect of ethical AI practice at Salesforce) in this recording from our virtual event.

The panel discussed:

  • The regulatory landscape, and the need to view AI as a tool to assist human decision-making and promote transparency in hiring processes.
  • How AI can improve the talent experience, better engage internal talent, and enhance employee engagement.
  • The disruptive nature of AI and the importance of ethical considerations when implementing it in talent management processes.
  • How AI can help eliminate bias and improve diversity, equity, and inclusion within organizations.

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