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Skills Guide: The Four Stages of Skills Maturity Report

Realizing the promise of Skills Technology requires organizational readiness. Take a deep dive into Talent Tech Lab's four stages of skills maturity to unlock the full potential of skills tech.

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Skills technology (tech) is a foundational capability in the talent (or HR) ecosystem.

Beyond the technological capabilities, skills tech represents a shift in mindset, and a different approach to the relationship between skills/competencies and roles/career paths. An understanding of skills tech, and the innovative approach these solutions take, is paramount to furthering the movement toward “total talent intelligence,” and future organizational design.

Download this report from Talent Tech Labs to explore:

  • What skills tech is and what it can do
  • Why skills data needs to be considered across the talent lifecycle
  • How to use a skills maturity framework to understand your organizational readiness for skills tech
  • Best practices for moving up the maturity curve