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Beamery and Workday Partnership: Webinar Takeaways

The talent acquisition technology space is incredibly noisy, and constantly changing.

After Beamery announced that Workday had become a strategic partner and investor a few weeks ago, we decided to host a webinar with Marlene Sholtz from Workday to discuss exactly why this partnership has the potential to truly impact talent acquisition functions at many organizations.

Marlene Scholtz is Director of Recruiting Product Strategy at Workday – a leader in enterprise cloud applications for finance and human resources. She has over 16 years’ worth of global experience in HCM and Talent technology, and a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the power of the two platforms combined.

We invited her to share her insights with us in a webinar with Sultan Saidov, Co-founder at Beamery. Below is a summary of the presentation, but you can view the full talk as well as the Q&A at the end here.

The future is proactive

Talent leaders are constantly looking for ways to efficiently cut through the noise of the crowded talent tech landscape, and find the right platforms for their talent acquisition strategy. This search is of particular importance to them now because CEOs and boards recognize the importance of attracting and retaining the best talent to outperform the market.

This increased awareness was initially triggered by shortage in STEM candidates, but it is now a universal worry across functions and industries. It has given talent leaders a seat at the executive table, but many of these leaders are still grappling with what that means for their function.

Screenshot 2019-05-29 11.41.44

There is a need to empower talent leaders with the tools necessary to shift from a reactive, service-providing role within the company to that of a strategic partner that approaches talent acquisition proactively. Talent strategies need to become forward-looking, and as a consequence, their technology stack needs to be built for the future.

Consolidating platforms for higher efficiency

The trend that we’re seeing in the market is one of consolidation. That is, more and more, TA and IT leaders are looking to contract and consolidate their tech stacks, therefore lowering their costs of owning and operating all these technical capabilities, and eliminating data silos. In fact, it is one of the primary areas of alignment where TA and IT can work together and find alignment.

Businesses are searching for one unified solution to support the increase in talent acquisition specialization, and the rise in expectation from talent leaders. Adding more technology layers between different workstreams is simply not viable anymore.

This is where the Beamery and Workday integration can impact the enterprise. Through the tight integration between Workday and Beamery, joint customers can now manage a seamless end-to-end recruiting process – from proactive sourcing through hire and beyond.

beamery workday integration flow

The Beamery Workday partnership

This integration offers many possibilities but, to simplify it, you can think about Beamery as ticking all the pre-ATS checkboxes in your talent attraction strategy. It extends and complements Workday’s Core HCM and Recruiting capabilities.

Here’s a quick example of how that would work:

It’s the start of a hiring cycle. You can do your planning within Workday – that’s where you would set headcount, for example. Then, within Beamery, you and your team would track whether your proactive talent acquisition strategies are on track. For example, you can check whether you have enough ‘pipeline coverage’ for the specified headcount.

This is the same process that sales team are already carrying out in tracking revenue ‘coverage’ in systems such as Salesforce. Talent leaders can leverage Beamery to help their recruiting process become even more predictable than revenue.

One important source of value from this partnership is the ability to learn from all recruiting and talent data. To become truly proactive, the talent team needs all candidate and employee data to be integrated – and the team members to be empowered to use it, analyse it, draw insights from it, and treat it like currency.

“Beamery is the only vendor we have partnered with for Candidate Relationship Management. Currently there are no other vendors we are partnering with … Beamery is our vendor of choice.” – Marlene Scholtz.

beamery workday integration

You can learn more about the details of the Beamery Workday integration by requesting a demo.

What people are saying about the Beamery Workday partnership:

“Two things really stood out to us when selecting Beamery – its expertise in targeting early-stage, passive candidates, and its technology, which complements and extends the industry-leading capabilities of Workday HCM.” – Charles Mah, VP, Global Talent Acquisition, Workday (Read Full Press Release)

“Workday also continues to make investments in other companies. One of those is Beamery, which is also a platform partner now and has sold licenses to Workday. It is the advent of the Workday platform and the partner applications that may yet prove another significant boost to revenues during 2019 and beyond.” – Steve Brooks from Enterprise Times

“Beamery and Workday share a commitment to deliver cutting-edge solutions that allow organizations to take a more strategic approach to talent acquisition. By partnering, Workday and Beamery will be able to help customers more effectively engage future talent with personalized experiences, so they can attract the best candidates in order to help their businesses grow and compete in the future.” – Leighanne Levensaler, SVP, Corporate Strategy and Managing Director & Co-head, Workday Ventures

With this partnership, it’s much easier to have a clear line of sight over the full candidate journey, and to own the talent pipeline, by managing sourcing strategies through Beamery and execute recruiting plans from hiring all the way to onboarding within Workday.

However, that is just the start of the worker’s journey, and a large part of a talent strategy’s success rests on the successful onboarding and retention of candidates, as well as learning and development management. Any proactive talent acquisition strategy needs to take retention and growth into account on some level, but that is a subject to explore separately.

Selecting the Right Recruitment Marketing Technology for your Business

According to Aptitude Research, over 70% of enterprise organizations are investing in recruitment marketing capabilities this year. In order to help with this process, Kelly Cartwright, head of Talent Acquisition Technology Strategy at Amazon Web Services, and Madeline Laurano, founder of Aptitude Research, joined us to discuss some of the latest trends in recruitment marketing, and shared key recommendations for evaluating providers in a Beamery webinar.