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Why Beamery is the Right Choice for Organizations Using Workday Recruiting

Why Beamery is the Right Choice for Organizations Using Workday Recruit

We had a wonderful time at Workday Rising, both Orlando and Milan.

We were delighted to be able to share the news of our Beamery + Workday Certified integration—the first and only CRM Certified Integration in the market.

We’re really excited to be able to streamline the workflows of our mutual clients with Workday, making it easier for them to manage a complete end-to-end talent attraction process, and the integration between our systems is key to this.

What does having a Workday Certified Integration mean?

To have an integration certified by Workday, it means our integration meets at least 90% of the standard use case requirements. It means the integration is 100% API-based so data flows in real-time. It means the integration is productized such that the cost and complexity of deployment for all mutual customers is minimal. And what all of this amounts to is that our Certified Integration focuses on boosting efficiency for the users and results in seamless interoperability with Workday.

So why is Beamery’s partnership different?

We know customers wanted more sophisticated CRM capabilities. After due diligence, we identified Beamery as the solution that naturally complements our core Recruiting capabilities… Today, Beamery is the only vendor that we’ve partnered with for CRM.

Marlene Scholtz Director of Recruiting Product Strategy Workday

Not only do we have the only CRM Certified Integration integration in the market, we have a close strategic partnership with Workday:

  • Workday is a strategic partner and investor in Beamery
  • Workday’s internal talent acquisition has selected Beamery as their own CRM
  • Beamery is a Software Partner with the only Certified Integration for CRM

All three of these elements together demonstrate strategic alignment, combined vision, and commitment to technical excellence.

Workday and Beamery are aligned on our respective roadmaps and are continuously working to enhance our Certified Integration, taking into consideration our respective customer feedback and needs . We work closely with the Workday Recruiting product team to ensure that we complement one another’s value and feature sets, so that our mutual customers need not worry about overlapping capabilities and can be assured that their investments are maximized.

Beamery has an in-depth understanding of Workday’s architecture & best practices, which we’ve used to build the Certified Integration - based on customer needs and validated by lighthouse customers - and will continue to use as we iterate on it in the future, with a structured and collaborative working process. This is a really imported benefit of a certified integration over third-party alternatives; unlike them, our Certified integration is validated by Workday, designed to meet core Workday use cases, and benefits from a joint roadmap going forward.

For our joint customers, this means deployment and implementation projects will be less complex, faster and lower cost, and that they will be able to take advantage of an integration that will be maintained and evolved in line with their ongoing needs, and Beamery and Workday Recruiting’s joint future roadmaps.

How does the Beamery + Workday Certified integration work?

Workflow (2)

Beamery's Talent Operating System—which includes our Talent CRM and Recruitment Marketing modules—gives teams everything they need to attract and engage talent before they apply, serving as the single source of truth for all candidate data.

Workday Recruiting helps teams manage the entire application process and serves as the single source of truth for all vacancies and applicants.

The Workday Certified integration between Beamery’s Talent Operating System and Workday Recruiting provides a unified, seamless workflow across the full candidate lifecycle.

The practical benefits are immense.

Increased operational efficiency

Beamery and Workday Recruiting are mutually supportive. With candidate data in Beamery, and vacancy data in Workday, users have complete visibility of all the data they need. Able to push and pull candidate profiles and vacancy information without switching systems increases consistency and efficiency for users.

Practical use cases here include maximizing the return on talent acquisition efforts by re-engaging silver medallists. Qualified, interested but previously unsuccessful candidates in Workday vacancies can be pulled into Beamery for re-engagement and encouraged to apply again for similar roles.

More efficient sourcing

This real-time data flow, from the 100% API-based integration delivers speed, especially compared with SFTP integrations which aren’t real-time and require manual effort. With Beamery, candidates don’t need to wait for data to sync, nor do they need to upload and download databases of contact information.

Recruiters can also leverage Beamery’s chrome extension, one click sourcing and engagement across the web, to increase productivity and spend more time on the right candidates.

This accelerates the hiring process: recruiters and sourcers can work to engage and nurture candidates in Beamery, which de-duplicates profiles and enriches candidate data, then directly add them to vacancies in Workday without switching systems, or any manual data entry.


With Beamery, sourcers and recruiters can scale their efforts: use cases like nurturing candidates, maintaining the cleanliness of their databases, or standardizing consent capture, can be automated. Using recipes, users can even create rules to send candidates that meet certain criteria directly to an appropriate Workday vacancy - with no manual effort at all.

If you’d like to learn more about the partnership, you can speak to a member of the Beamery team, or take a look at a recent webinar we ran on our integration with Workday’s recruiting product strategy leader Marlene Scholtz. 

Beamery + Workday Better Together for Talent Teams

Learn how the Beamery Workday certified integration works with this 1 page summary, complete with an illustrated end-to-end workflow.

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