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How VMware Is Redefining The Future Of Work

How is VMware transforming the candidate and recruiter experience with smarter technology investments? Beamery’s Chief Customer Officer, Scott Roth spoke alongside Stuart Taylor, Senior Manager, Talent Discovery (Customer Operations and Business Operations) at VMware, at Workday Rising in September.

The situation

Established in 1998 and based in Palo Alto, CA, VMware is a leading provider of multi-cloud services for all apps, enabling digital innovation with enterprise control. It has 37,500 employees and was ranked #2 of Forbes Best Places to Work for Diversity and #57 of Forbes 100 Just Companies. It has been a customer of Workday’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS) and Workday Recruiting since 2010.

As part of the Workday Rising presentation, Stuart explained some of the challenges they faced in Talent Acquisition. For one, they found that most candidates were only familiar with VMware products, not the company culture. Candidates faced a complicated and lengthy search to locate relevant job openings at VMware, and they were often sent communications that were not relevant to their interests.

Meanwhile, recruiters were spending most of the initial call with candidates describing the company culture to the applicant (rather than details about the role). They had to use lengthy search strings to locate desired talent, and were receiving applications that were not related to assigned job openings. All of this led to the search for an automated solution to improve the experience for both candidates and recruitment teams.

Talent communities at VMware were compiled of all candidates who expressed an interest in VMware, either via events, the Talent Community sign-up page on the VMware Careers Site, or a talent community link in digital newsletters. Communities were organized around career interests: regional, by skillset, or experience level.

The solution

VMware started working with Beamery to automate more of the work involved in creating talent communities. With Beamery, they set up comprehensive filters to sort talent, such as skill set, location, and experience level. They aligned both applicants and passive talent to appropriate Talent Pools. And they began automatic tagging, for example, silver medallists as appropriate.

Beamery’s solution helped VMware engage talent: from a sourcing perspective, the platform gave teams access to pools of pre-identified talent, with the ability to search by tags, and actually highlighting the most engaged talent in the system. It also helped them generate interest in VMware, amongst passive talent, with well-designed multichannel recruitment marketing campaigns.

The results

With the new approach to automation and creating engaged Talent Pools, VMware was able to build a talent market more informed of VMware’s Employee Value Proposition, more relevant job alerts and portals, and communications with content tailored to the candidates’ interests.

This meant:

  • They turned 3,819 passive prospects into active candidates from campaigns in Q2FY23
  • They saw a 47% campaign open rate (and 4% percent click rate)
  • The average time to open a campaign message was just 21.5 hours

On the recruiter side, they enjoyed having more time to describe the role with candidates, more expedient searches for qualified passive talent, and an applicant pool more aligned to the requirements of the job opening.

In numbers:

  • Users are spending an average of 16 minutes and 7 seconds per day in Beamery
  • 6,819 hours of recruiter time were saved in Q2
  • ~$241,185 was saved in terms of recruiter productivity.

Read more about how VMware works with Beamery, and watch our webinar discussing their approach to DE&I.