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What’s Happening At Spark Live 2024?

Beamery has released the agenda for its annual virtual event, Spark Live, taking place on 5 June 2024.

The world’s premier virtual conference for global talent, HR and business leaders, Spark Live 2024 will bring together the people spearheading the new ‘chapter’ of work – and reveal some of the latest innovations powering Human Intelligence, in a technology-focused age.

While AI is dominating conversations about the future of talent acquisition, planning and management, we ask: What can we achieve when we add Artificial Intelligence to Human Intelligence? How can companies make better decisions, with the combined power of people and AI? 

There is currently a huge gap between the skills organizations have, and the skills they need: by 2030, talent shortages could result in about $8.5 trillion in unrealized annual revenues. The issue is not a lack of talent in the world, but a misapplication of intelligence.

Alongside Beamery leaders will be some of the industry’s top voices, including: 

  • Lara Farrell, Global Head of TA Programmes, Hilti
  • Ashley Walvoord, Head of Talent Management, Verizon
  • Fernando Bellón de Aguilar, Head of Talent Acquisition, BBVA
  • Kyle Lagunas, Head of Strategy & Principal Analyst, Aptitude Research
  • Olga Power, Global Director Talent Acquisition, Just Eat
  • Michael Rizzi, Senior Recruitment Marketing Manager, DraftKings
  • Larry Emond, Senior Partner, Modern Executive Solutions
  • Elle Lebourg, Global Head of Talent Acquisition, Hilti
  • Betsy Summers, Principal Analyst, Forrester Research
  • Nigel Williams, Managing Director, Global Head of Talent Acquisition, BlackRock
  • Katharine Rooney, VP Talent Attraction & Acquisition, Mimecast
  • Arthur Lokerson, HR Product Management Director for Talent Acquisition, Wells Fargo
  • Thanh Duong, Senior Manager Talent Sourcing, Autodesk

Join us at Spark Live on June 5 to discover… 

  • How skills-based transformation, creating winning talent experiences, and managing talent risk are all becoming easier with the right application of technology. 
  • The reality of moving to a skills-based approach, and the challenges faced by those leading the transformation in their organizations. 
  • The metrics that really matter in the new era of HR.
  • The latest innovations from Beamery, and what’s coming next… 

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