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Case Study: Why Verizon Chose Beamery

Listen to leaders from the Talent Acquisition function at Verizon, as they describe the challenges they are now able to solve, thanks to Beamery... 

Verizon’s Talent team was looking to achieve a few things. They wanted to save time and effort when sourcing, better understand their talent pipeline, roll out a new Employer Brand, and all the while offer an exceptional experience to candidates, employees, and Hiring Managers. 

“Beamery is going to enable us as recruiters to be talent advisors.” – Allie Rivera, Senior Recruiter, Verizon 

Enter Beamery. With this AI-powered platform, Verizon has been able to bring a whole host of benefits to its sourcing, recruiting and recruitment marketing professionals, while elevating the candidate experience.  

The team has:

  • Created a new Careers site, through Beamery
  • Implemented more strategic sourcing tactics, with Beamery’s skills-based talent pools
  • Promoted brand awareness through tailored and targeted comms
  • Removed many of the manual elements when it comes to searching for talent
  • Increased efficiency AND effectiveness in finding the right talent with the right skills for the role 
  • Enhanced reporting to truly understand who they are sourcing, where they are coming from, and how the efforts of the sourcing team are truly impacting the business. 

They have also been able to integrate Beamery with their ATS, for optimal results. 

“We implemented Beamery because we knew, first of all, it was the only Workday-certified CRM integration.” – Steve West, Head of Global Talent Acquisition, Verizon 

Watch the video to hear directly from the team at Verizon on their reasons for choosing to partner with Beamery.