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Customer Spotlight: Brook Pointer

This month, Brook Pointer, a Talent Acquisition Sourcer at an A&D company, is the focus of our Customer Spotlight, in recognition of how she has been using the platform to unlock human potential at her organization. Brook has been using Beamery for over two years.

brook pointer

What is your favorite Beamery feature, and why? 

Campaigns are my favorite Beamery feature! The Campaigns feature allows my team to efficiently reach a broad target audience for many different use cases, and to easily keep track of how the message is performing. 

With the updates to Campaign Editor, this feature has become even better. I really like that I can add images and videos, and get more granular about how the message is formatted (even down to details like using company colors to keep branding cohesive).

Tell us why you like Beamery.

I really like effective tools with great functionality! I enjoy digging into each element of the tool and discovering new ways that our team can benefit. But, when it really comes down to it, what I love the most is that the tool empowers me to get creative, make an impression, and better connect with real people. I recently had this experience when a newly hired Engineer shared that the reason she had joined our company was because she received a clever Campaign message that caught her eye, and she decided to apply!

Describe the main challenges you were facing before having access to Beamery.

Before implementing Beamery, our team didn’t have a good place to “bench” talent, so we’d lose them into a black hole and have a hard time pulling them out again when new opportunities arose. We weren’t able to send bulk messages and view analytics for how those were performing, and we lacked a tool to manage careers-related events and create landing pages.

Which metrics matter most to you and how do you measure these in Beamery?

Candidate engagement and relationship management. With Beamery, we can accomplish the goal of introducing our organization and open roles to vast numbers of qualified talent in a compelling, streamlined manner. We can track the success of these engagement efforts with Campaign analytics. 

Beamery also enables our team to nurture candidate relationships over time. We are able to review when and how a candidate has been engaged in the past via the timeline feature; we set up Pools to organize candidates who we want to "keep warm"; we use Global Tags to categorize candidates so we can easily find them again when the right opportunity opens up.

How have you been using Beamery to support critical talent initiatives?

Beamery was pivotal in us hosting a successful in-person hiring event this year! We used tailored Campaigns with multiple touchpoints to invite local talent – thousands of people – to join our event. 

We embedded the link to a Landing Page where candidates could view more info, and included a Convert Flow to gather candidate information such as job area of interest, availability, etc. We were able to send out follow-up messages in a semi-automated way, confirming registration for the event and providing details. We sent out reminder emails a few days before the event, and also sent thank-you notes to individuals who attended.

We had 123 attendees and made 7 hires! Basically, Beamery allowed us to launch a no-marketing-cost strategy.

One thing I’m proud of is that my small-but-mighty sourcing team of two has empowered the rest of our Talent Acquisition team to utilize the powerful functionalities we have access to in Beamery. One way that we have done this is by creating Campaign templates the rest of our team can easily duplicate, edit, and personalize. By creating these “plug-and-play” Campaigns, we have encouraged an increase in overall team usage. A big win!

Describe a problem you are now able to solve with Beamery.

Beamery has given us the ability to share talent insights across our Talent Acquisition organization, resulting in greater transparency, efficiency, and a more positive candidate experience. We can now more effectively meet the unique challenges of an extremely competitive market by sending polished, cohesive messages to large pools of prospects. We can manage hiring events effectively with no additional tools or costs!

Tell us a fun fact about yourself… 

I grew up in Thailand and speak Thai fluently! I don’t have the opportunity to speak it very often here in the States, but every time I go to a Thai restaurant I try to practice with the staff. It’s really fun to see people’s faces light up and to make unexpected connections. Last year I went to a Thai restaurant and saw a poster for a special festival that I grew up going to. I was able to go practice my Thai and make new friends, eat delicious food, and introduce my now-husband to elements of my childhood home. We’re now close friends with some of the people we met there!

About the Beamery Customer Spotlight

This program exists to highlight Beamery customers who have mastered the art of “unlocking human potential” through consistent (and smart) use and adoption of the Beamery platform. They use Beamery to take their company to the next level while elevating the talent experience for all candidates. Beyond being a fabulous talent-driven individual, these individuals also represent one or many of the Beamery values: start with why, own the change you seek, act with kindness, communicate openly, make a positive impact.