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Transformation, Turnover and Choice: Beamery’s Research into HR in Retail

Finding and retaining the right talent isn’t easy in the retail and logistics sectors, but new tools and new approaches can help companies with both challenges.

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Transformation, turnover and choice: How to meet the unique talent challenges of retail and logistics

The retail sector has been shaken up by COVID-19, and a host of technological advancements. As the role of the store, the relationship with customers, and the behind-the-scenes processes are changing hugely… what does this mean for talent attraction and retention? What are the challenges, and how can they be overcome? 

Thanks to its massive scale, its seasonal nature and the rapid transformation of its business and working models, the retail sector faces talent challenges unlike those of other sectors. A lack of candidates with the right skills and experience also means that the adjacent wholesale and logistics sectors aren’t easy territory, either. Yet with the right technology, the right platform and the right approach, organizations can make themselves more competitive.

Download this white paper to explore what retail organizations can do to improve recruitment, boost retention, and gain the talent and digital skills they need to thrive. Learn more about the skills gaps faced by the retail and logistics sectors, the unique hiring challenges of this industry, and how AI and automation can help you offer growth and development opportunities to retail employees. 

And to find out more about how Beamery could help your organization find, retain and upskill talent in the retail sector, contact us.