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Spark Live 2023 Keynote: What’s New and Next in Talent Lifecycle Management?

Hear from Beamery founders Abakar Saidov and Sultan Saidov as they introduce the key themes of Beamery’s virtual event, Spark Live, and reveal our latest product innovations to help your organization attract, recruit, retain and upskill your workforce.

Watch the recording to discover...  

  • Why this was the most important Spark Live we have ever run
  • Why every business problem is a talent problem – and what this means for HR
  • How technology will help businesses win, by putting talent first
  • How Beamery customers are redesigning their workforce, and boosting retention & employee engagement
  • The paradigm shift in the world of work, and what it means for knowledge workers
  • The game-changing developments we have been working on recently
  • How to gain the confidence to make smarter talent decisions
  • How AI can unlock human potential
  • and so much more!

Learn more about our recent innovations in generative AI and workforce planning. See every session from Spark Live 2023 here.