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Reinventing The Job: Why Skills Are The New Foundation For Talent Teams (Spark Live 2023)

Betsy Summers, principal analyst at Forrester Research, hosted a panel at Spark Live featuring Eric Miller, Vice President of Talent Discovery and Insights at Paramount, and Jenn Galbraith, Vice President of Digital HR Transformation and Internal Careers & Talent Marketplace at Salesforce. 

The discussion focused on how a skills-based approach to hiring and internal mobility can help you attract and hire the best talent, and unlock the full potential of your workforce. 

Watch the recording to hear more about... 

  • The labor market context, and the story so far at Paramount & Salesforce
  • The paradox of HR technology
  • How skills data powers better talent mobility
  • Understanding the aspirations of your workforce
  • Overcoming the barriers to becoming a skills-first organization

(You can also read a summary of the discussion here, and view all the Spark Live content here.)