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How 5 Companies Built A More Agile Workforce

Business leaders are facing a host of challenges from tightening budgets to skills shortages. Learn how five different organizations solved their talent challenges with workforce agility.

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Budgets are getting tighter and stress levels are high. Organizational leaders face various challenges: many of which greatly affect the HR, Talent, and People functions. And business leaders are being asked to find new efficiencies that allow them to do more with less.

If businesses want to come out of this recession stronger, it’s critical that they cultivate resilience and build an agile workforce to be prepared for the next challenge. But what does that really mean?

Talent management professionals are tasked with finding ways to hire during a crisis, identify and fill ever-changing skills gaps, and retain top talent with internal mobility and development programs – all while unlocking new efficiencies. It’s a tall order. But there are many companies who are already tackling these talent challenges head-on and are seeing success.

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