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How A Leading Software Company Unified Talent Data, With Beamery

Learn how a software company client leveraged Beamery’s enhanced capabilities to move into building an advanced talent database, to shift away from a reactive recruiting model to a proactive one.

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The client, a software company, had a keen interest in implementing a talent data platform that would let them proactively source talent from different places into a single location, while rediscovering talent over time. Their existing TA tools offered limited possibilities for the increased hiring volumes and amount of candidates they were facing. Some of the needs included proactive talent pipelining, database boolean search, talent prospects engagement and advanced automated GDPR compliance. The team chose Beamery to be their Talent Lifecycle Management solution that could centralize all talent that they had engaged with, and enable increased TA productivity in re-discovering existing talent while prioritizing the overall talent experience.

Client Challenges

  • System and data gaps: Fast growth required the recruiting function to change the way it has worked. Rediscovery of qualified talent from before was a critical need for filling roles quicker, ensuring better quality talent, and equipping the talent function with the tools needed to be more proactive for the business.
  • Reactive recruiting model: The client’s talent team had a strong desire to move to a proactive recruiting model (from mostly cold outreaches) that would place the candidate experience at the core of their activity. Before implementing Beamery, 98% of individuals that applied to the company did not secure a role.
  • Growth scalability requirements: Existing technology (ATS) had been focused on enabling efficient hiring processes for open jobs, but offered limited capability for proactive talent pipelining.
  • Lack of single source of truth: The client collected talent data from different sources in different tools that were not connected to one another. They often lacked a clear understanding about any pre-history on the relationship and engagement with a potential talent prospect or candidate.

The Approach

Now more than ever, it’s important that HR teams are equipped to identify talent capabilities, which can translate to positive business outcomes when implemented into a holistic talent system.

This software company client leveraged Beamery’s enhanced capabilities to move into building an advanced talent database, to shift away from a reactive recruiting model to a proactive one; putting talent experience at the heart of their process. With the support of Beamery Partner, the client’s in-house ATS would be integrated to Beamery to allow the full tracking of the prospect, candidate and vacancy. By implementing an enhanced talent technology, the client was able to shift from ‘Role & Applicant’ to ‘Capability & Talent Prospect’, focusing on maximizing the potential of their internal talent database. Prioritizing the talent relationship through a unified talent system will allow the TA team to scale and automate their existing processes while maintaining personalization across each touchpoint.

By giving full TA team access to a dynamic CRM, they aim to increase the team productivity further by uncovering a long-term internal talent pipeline, with a focus to cut costs over time to expensive external recruiting platforms. The team plans to continue to use Beamery as the source of truth for proactive talent management.


  • Introducing a Talent Community sign up on the careers page, to attract generally interested talent who might not see a suitable open vacancy right now
  • Building Talent Communities with automated engagement
  • Moving to automated events management through Beamery
  • Integration with their in-house ATS, leading to full visibility of the candidate lifecycle
  • Utilizing capabilities in Beamery to drive effective advanced search and segmentation of talent prospects
  • Kicking off nurturing of specific talent groups with automated, persona-based communications

“Beamery enables us to engage, nurture and finally hire great talent in the most efficient way.” – Talent Sourcer

Bridging Data Silos

In the few months Beamery has been live, the client has prioritized installing the Beamery Chrome Extension. Combined with additional capabilities, the TA team now starts all searches for any new role with Beamery! This is one of the first critical steps taken to ensure data connectivity and TA team efficiency. This functionality enables users to import prospects from external social sites that can then be enriched and nurtured inside Beamery.

Beamery is used to:

  • Build an effective Talent Lifecycle Management platform, that bridged the gap between talent prospect and applicant
  • Leverage Beamery Global Tags, Pools and Skills to promote effective talent segmentation and improve search capabilities
  • Gain better insight and adherence to the local Data Privacy legislations by leveraging Beamery Comply automation for Talent Prospects
  • Set up Talent Pools for future re-discovery i.e. Silver Medallists orAlumni, with a focus to proactively nurture them in future with targeted outreach via Beamery Campaigns and Convert Flows
  • Identify areas of rapid growth and priority talent demands, and build proactive Pools that can be used to track and nurture qualifying candidates
  • Build Pools that can be segmented to provide TA team with an access to talent, meeting the defined criteria

“Beamery has enabled us to start moving to a truly proactive recruitment approach, with the help of talent re-discovery and automated time-consuming manual processes, which our teams needed to execute before for talent campaigns, events and programs.” – TA Strategy & Solutions Lead

Advice to CRM Seekers or Switchers

What advice would they give to other Talent or HR professionals looking to switch CRMs, or even those just starting their search?

  • To find the perfect match for your organization’s talent needs:
  • Identify what core purpose the CRM solution should fulfill
  • Define how the CRM can be integrated into your existing tech stack
  • Check advanced features and efficiency boosts, like automation of the CRM tool

Success By Numbers

Since their September 2022 launch:

  • 26,000 talent Contacts in Beamery
  • Over 3000 email outreaches through Campaigns
  • 300 Talent Community Sign-Ups
  • 40 Talent Pools