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Beamery Launches Chatbot and Messaging Tools to Enhance Candidate Experience

London, UK, April 26, 2023: The leading Talent Lifecycle Management platform, Beamery, today announces that it has launched a new Chatbot and Messaging tools to help businesses personalize the candidate experience.

Beamery’s Chatbot automates things like screening, interview scheduling, candidate engagement and more, helping global talent teams reduce time to hire from weeks to days (or hours) and deliver a seamless and personalized experience for any candidate interacting with your brand. Beamery Messaging allows talent teams to drive a truly multi-channel engagement strategy and reach candidates wherever they are – recruiters can automate engagement with candidates across SMS, WhatsApp and more.

Following hot on the heels of Beamery’s recent announcement of TalentGPT – the first generative AI for HR – this news is just the company’s latest investment in helping recruiting teams become more efficient, get more done with less, and provide a more personalized candidate experience.

Sultan Saidov, Co-Founder and President, said “Talent teams are under unprecedented pressure to become more productive and effective with fewer resources than ever before. With Beamery’s Chatbot and Messaging tools, companies can dramatically improve the candidate experience, as well as to reduce the time and cost involved in hiring by automating key processes like screening, scheduling and candidate engagement, while freeing up recruiting teams to operate as true talent advisors.”

To learn more about Beamery, please reach out to the team here.