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Beamery Embraces Global Accessibility Awareness Day: Product Enhancements for WCAG 2.1 AA & More

London, 18 May 2023: Beamery, provider of the leading Talent Lifecycle Management platform, today proudly participates in Global Accessibility Awareness Day by sharing its latest product enhancements related to adherence to WCAG standards across its platform and its ongoing commitment to accessibility.

Over the last half-year, Beamery has made significant strides in its ongoing accessibility development efforts and has achieved WCAG 2.1 AA compliance requirements. Its commitment to improved accessibility has resulted in a series of design enhancements, including a new, more accessible navigation menu, and the release of Beamery’s new global navigation.

Beamery’s accessibility enhancements are not limited to isolated features but extend across the entire product suite with its innovative design system leading to improvements in usability and experience for recruiters, candidates, employees and managers.

Beamery’s product accessibility efforts stem from the company’s core principles and values, specifically a belief in inclusivity. Having built a platform that provides more equitable processes for candidates and employees, and more objective ways to find, hire, reskill and deploy talent, it is only fitting that Beamery’s product development efforts are oriented around ensuring that all users can access and use Beamery’s products effectively.

“Accessibility is not an afterthought for us; it’s integral to our product design and development process,” said Sultan Saidov, Beamery co-founder and President. “These enhancements are not just a part of our product – they are transforming the way all our users experience our platform. It’s a big step forward in ensuring that our technology is inclusive and accessible to all.”

As the Talent Lifecycle Management leader, which partners with some of the largest organizations in the world, Beamery orients its platform around ensuring compliance with laws, regulations, and organizational policies. Ensuring accessibility and adherence to WCAG standards is just one part of that commitment. By embedding accessibility features within its core product line, Beamery is setting a standard across talent and HR functions, thus leading the way in creating a more accessible digital world.

This year’s Global Accessibility Awareness Day coincides with Beamery’s monthly Personal Development Day, so the Beamery team will participate in activities, and attend training and virtual events, in order to promote greater awareness and reflection on the importance of accessibility. To learn more about Beamery’s commitment to accessibility, please reach out to the team here.

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Andrew has worked for non-profits, universities, and world-class tech companies such as Apple, Box, and Splunk. He is currently VP Product Marketing at Beamery, where he drives the GTM strategy for the Talent Lifecycle Management platform.

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