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Beamery Unveils AI-Driven Features To Revolutionize Hiring Manager Collaboration With Talent Teams

Beamery, the global leader in Talent Lifecycle Management, today announced innovations across its product suite that allow Recruiters, Sourcers, and Hiring Managers to collaborate seamlessly in a single system and improve decision making around hiring.

Lack of visibility and control for Hiring Managers often causes fractious relationships with Talent Acquisition teams, as well as laborious manual effort for everyone: from exhaustive meetings and lengthy email threads, to time-consuming reviews of poor quality candidates. Beamery’s new Hiring Manager Experiences provide a streamlined, efficient, and collaborative process from the moment a vacancy is opened until it is filled.

Beamery brings data silos together to establish a new kind of people planning experience. Managers can continuously consider what they need, refine their role descriptions and design jobs based on skills, and better decide whether to develop, redeploy or hire talent to keep their teams well resourced and delivering their objectives.

Beamery’s latest innovations allow organizations to significantly reduce time-to-fill and improve quality of hire, ultimately hiring or redeploying the right people with the skills needed to remain competitive, faster.

“Our latest product enhancements are a major milestone in enabling more skills-focused and inclusive decision making for talent teams. With these new capabilities, we are enabling our customers to finally create better collaboration between hiring managers and recruiters,” said Sultan Saidov, President and Co-founder at Beamery. “They can also leverage bias-audited AI insights to make more agile talent decisions on job design, upskilling and workforce planning, and ensure that every new role brings the right skills into the organization.”

Key innovations include:

  • Predictive Hiring Insights: Reduce the back and forth, with easy visibility into the status of open vacancies and automatic progress notifications for Hiring Managers. Plus: never miss hiring targets, with insights such as estimated time-to-fill that allow TA and Hiring Managers to better prioritize vacancies and focus on high impact roles.
  • AI Talent Match: Hiring Managers can now take advantage of Beamery’s cutting-edge AI. Suggestions from the Beamery talent database provide insights around what talent is available and help create efficient alignment with recruiters on the role requirements. In addition, Hiring Managers can access Beamery’s Inbound Applicant Scoring to help everyone focus on the most qualified candidates.
  • Smart Profiles: Save valuable time deciphering different resume formats, and inconsistent skills and proficiencies, with snapshots of candidate profiles. Make it easier for Recruiters and Hiring Managers to review candidates, and get a more standardized approach, to ensure fair and equal consideration of talent.
  • Assisted Candidates Shortlist: Effectively review a selection of candidates before moving them into the interview process, allowing Hiring Managers to give timely feedback to recalibrate searches, to better find the best fit. Empower recruiters to spend their valuable time engaging high quality talent and avoid bringing the wrong candidates deep into the process – resulting in a poor experience.
  • Skills-centric Vacancies and Job Calibration: Give Hiring Managers direct control over their vacancies, with the ability to refine the most needed skills alongside seniority, location and more, leading to a stronger shortlist of candidates and reducing time-to-hire.
  • HRIS Integrations: Empower Recruiters and Hiring Managers with additional data in the Beamery CRM, to help them better understand the talent available – both inside and outside the organization – and more easily consider employees (and alumni). Improve employee engagement and retention, and reduce time to ramp.
  • Career Pursuits & Navigation: Make it easier than ever for employees to truly understand what motivates them, with experiences powered by TalentGPT. Empower Managers to become active stewards of people’s careers, with recommendations around growth opportunities, and offer valuable insights into the aspirations of their direct reports to inform development and hiring plans.

“AI is very powerful and can help find profiles we wouldn’t have normally found through generic sourcing. It also helps meet DE&I targets, especially with candidates that are very hard to find normally.” - Laurabel Jung, Talent relationship manager, Zalando

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