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Over Half Of Job Seekers In UK Have Noticed AI Used During Recruitment Process

Over half (51%) of job seekers in the UK said they had noticed AI being used during the recruitment process, with a further 46% of job seekers revealing that they are using AI when searching and applying for jobs, according to Beamery, the global leader in Talent Lifecycle Management. 

The new research, which surveyed over 2,500 employees across the UK for Beamery’s eighth edition of the Talent Index found that, despite a strong appetite from employees to use AI technology in the workplace (52%) – 66% of UK workers did not feel confident that they are receiving the right training from their employer.

The data also revealed that, although 46% of respondents were interested in receiving training in AI, only 12% of respondents confirmed they were currently offered this by their employer. Just 11% of employees in the UK were being offered AI tools provided by their employer, with 14% choosing to circumvent their employer and use the technology themselves. The data suggests that, despite the UK leading the way globally on making AI accessible in the workplace, there is more work to be done to make sure employees are equipped with the right skills to harness this technology. 

In spite of the interest expressed by employees to learn more about AI, the Talent Index report did reveal some concerns regarding AI in the workplace – which largely revolve around whether it will take over people’s jobs, with 36% feeling concerned that it may reduce the human workforce. 29% expressed their fears over security breaches, and 33% said that they are concerned it could stop people thinking for themselves. 

With researchers predicting the current technological revolution could disproportionately impact women compared to men, the data showed that men were more likely to have used AI when applying for a job (49%) versus women (43%). Men were also more confident that they were receiving the right training in AI (51%) than women (37%). 

The Talent Index Eighth Edition also examined employer and employee attitudes to skills, and employee appetite for learning and development. The data found that employees in the UK think they can offer more with the skills they have at their current place of work (64%) – but feel their employers don’t have a good understanding of their skillset and what they can offer their organisation (50%), with a further 45% not having had their skills assessed or tested before they were hired for their current positions.

Abakar Saidov, Co-founder and CEO of Beamery said: “This new data paints a fascinating picture of the workplace, and employer and employee sentiment – particularly when it comes to culture, flexibility and opportunities for development and progression. It is clear that many employees are crying out for greater recognition as to what they can offer their employer in terms of skills and potential, and there is a vast pool of untapped capability that employers need to harness when looking at their teams. 

“It is promising to see companies embracing AI technology in their recruitment processes, and that the UK is leading the way in training employees on how to use this technology – and it’s also incredibly apparent that more needs to be done to meet employee expectations. We hope to see uptake increase as more employers realise the potential of AI, not only in driving productivity, but as a tool that can help employers make well informed and skills-focused decisions about talent going forward.”

The research conducted for Beamery’s Talent Index Report surveyed 2,500 respondents from the UK, all of whom were office workers. Beamery’s Talent Lifecycle Management platform empowers companies to understand the skills and capabilities they have, build more agile workforce plans, and attract, retain, up-skill and redeploy their workforce. 

Read the full Talent Index report here.