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Watch: Building A Business Case For Skills Transformation

The world of work is changing rapidly, and external pressures are accelerating the need for skills-based transformation. Skills-based transformation focuses HR on the acquisition, growth and maintenance of skills, instead of solely on job roles. It means understanding and developing the skills of your workforce, and connecting talent to opportunities based on skills, on an ongoing basis.

Watch this webinar with Argyle, where David Swanz, Partner at IBM Consulting, meets with Beamery’s VP of Advisory, Matt Fenton, to explore what skills-based transformation looks like in practice, from the perspective of hiring managers, employees, leadership teams, and your wider talent team.

Additionally, get tips on building a business case for the wider organization, to ensure a smooth transition to a skills-first approach.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • How to set goals and identify stakeholders
  • Ways to introduce skills-based transformation, and handle the opportunities, benefits and potential obstacles that may arise
  • How to explore the impact of skills-based transformation on your organization’s culture
  • Ways to get a grip on your skills data and ensure you have a single source of truth
  • What the whole skills-based transformation journey looks like