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How VMware Innovated For Stronger DE&I Results, And Saved $700k

VMware partners with Beamery on email campaigns with a focus on underrepresented communities, developing event metric suites to show recruitment ROI, and networking events, including scholarships.

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When VMware first engaged with Beamery in 2016, they were looking to build on the expansive investment in their employer brand and create a more personalized talent experience. The aim? To increase the conversion rate of passive talent and attract more diverse candidates.

In particular, VMware were keen to explore how to use email marketing techniques along with initiatives such as career events, live webinars, newsletters, and exclusive invitations for talent community members to enhance their employer brand by building better relationships with candidates and to provide interesting and useful resources for anyone looking to join VMware.

“We needed to streamline our talent operations if we wanted to attract more diverse talent.”

Stacey Molinar, Sr. Program Manager, TA Strategy at VMware.

Beamery approached the problem from a “No candidate left behind” mentality, embracing technology and automation to create scale and boost satisfaction. We at Beamery didn’t even realize that we were on the verge of formulating something amazing, but the work we did with VMware influenced the development of Beamery’s market-leading automation builder, “Recipes”, which is a feature that automates and tags new candidate profiles and creates better filtering and searching opportunities.

Candidates who joined the VMware Talent Community received nurture email communications. VMware leveraged the power of the automation engine and talent communities to create rules based on location, schools and skills, and were able to easily add candidates into relevant, segmented talent funnels, not only prioritizing candidates, but also expediting the assessment process for the recruiters.

“Since partnering with Beamery and rolling out Beamery Marketing, CRM and Automation, VMware has found more efficient ways to personalize the talent experience across the candidate journey.”

Stacey Molinar, Sr. Program Manager, TA Strategy at VMware.

The VMware Employment Brand team created and delivered a series of in-house training around email marketing and copywriting techniques specifically for recruiters and sources. And in conjunction with Beamery’s automated communication and smart prioritization, VMware was able to increase the size of their candidate talent pool, develop original content for use in newsletters, and put a strategy in place for increasing engagement with prior top applicants.

The relationship formed between Beamery and VMware started with one small team and has grown each year, and the user base is now over 320 people across the VMware business. VMware is a customer that continues to challenge and push Beamery to do better. “Thanks to Beamery, we now have the ability to be intentional with our recruiting efforts across the entire candidate lifecycle. We create tailored outreach campaigns to engage right-fit audiences with content that they’re interested in,” says Molinar. They are a champion of the Beamery product advisory board, active in our user research programs, and in 2021 were awarded a “Beamie” for Campaign of the Year.

The winning campaign continued to support their long standing commitment to building diverse candidate pools. VMware created a new series of newsletters that were sent to EMEA sales professionals and solution engineers, some of the most highly coveted and challenging roles to fulfil in the market today. Each newsletter was artfully crafted with an intentional call to action, a relevant thought-leadership article, and information on the latest company financials.

Such was the success of this new campaign, this approach became a template for future campaigns across other teams and business units.


Making VMware more diverse, equitable and inclusive for our employees, customers and communities is fundamental to who we are. We believe it is also essential to our success. We empower people from all backgrounds to grow in the technology industry. VMware partners with Beamery on email campaigns with a focus on underrepresented communities, building event landing pages, developing event metric suites to show recruitment ROI, and hosting sign-up forms for DEI focused programs and events including student scholarships, coding events, and networking events. Learn more about our programs here.


  • 16k+ Talent Community members
  • VMware has seen an increase of hires coming from people who joined the Talent Community prior to applying.
  • Secured more than 715 applicants through their new campaign blueprint
  • 170k candidate profiles created in Beamery